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How To Look Classy And Stylish With Different Pair Of Jeans?

Jeans have a reputation for feeling like a second skin. And since we wear our jeans so often, they suffer a lot of usage and abuse, and because of this, a nice pair may cost a pretty penny.

That’s why it’s so important that they complement your figure and fit snugly. 

There is no right way to dress in jeans since there are many styles, but you should choose one that complements your body shape and personality. If you’re a man interested in updating his style, here are some of the greatest jeans for men from JACK&JONES you can shop right now.

Try out with Bootcut jeans.

Denim pants, known as boot cuts, are looser around the leg and ankle. Unlike bell bottoms and flared jeans, bootcut jeans have a more generous opening at the bottom. The bootcut design of jeans makes them versatile and appropriate for use year-round. In contrast to thin jeans or straight-leg jeans, Bootcut Jeans for men are designed to be worn over the tops of footwear rather than tucked into them.

Slim Fit jeans

This is the most popular denim style for guys because it strikes a good mix between form and function.  Regular fit jeans for men are preferable since they let you maintain a graceful appearance without confining your legs. 

Slim jeans have a versatile cut that allows you to pair them with everything from form-fitting tees to button-downs and casual suits.

Skinny Jeans

The skinny fit, the most fashionable denim shape, comes next. Normal skinny jeans have a slim, tolerable fit (imagine loose tights) across the thighs and calves. One of the benefits of slim fit jeans for men is that they give the wearer the illusion of being taller due to their tapered silhouette. 

They look best on leaner men since the tight wrapping of the jeans becomes obvious on those with a wider frame. Since skinny jeans are more fitted, they are the go-to for dressier casual attire. 

Slim jeans

Super thin jeans are for the brave and cling to your legs like paint. Tall, slender people should wear skinny jeans with more elastane than cotton. Like slim jeans, skinny fit jeans for men are too small for larger guys. For rock star status, match very slim jeans with casual clothes, not suits or smart casual.

Flare-Leg Jeans

Jeans straight down from the knee to the hem are called “straight” and are a normal cut. The diameter of your thighs, knees, calves, and ankles will all be the same, even if the fit and leg openings are often more relaxed. Therefore, you may see signature rivets or a fly with a different configuration on jeans from such labels.


Jeans are an ageless classic that can be worn in many ways to achieve a wide range of looks. Be bold and try on various fits and washes to discover the one that works best for your body type and sense of style.

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